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Australia’s Most Sought-After Bathroom Reno Trends 

Gone are the days of crisp white bathrooms with simple chrome and porcelain fixtures; these days, homeowners are favouring classic, high-quality designs grounded in opulence, drama and luxury. 2017 has well and truly seen bathroom trends take a curve towards a new sense of style that’s all about longevity fused with characteristic aesthetics. 

If you’re planning on gutting out your current bathroom and giving it a makeover, take note of these latest ‘trends’ — each of which echoes a sense of timelessness to future-proof your home. 

Surfaces: combination of matte and polished

Let’s dive straight in by taking a look at the latest bathroom surfaces to grace the design space. There’s been a marked increase towards European-inspired finishes that evoke a day spa feel: think natural, organic textures blended with mixed metals for a luxe look. This decadent combo results in a nice balance of grand luxury and calming tranquillity. 

Colours: deep grey, charcoal, navy and black

Whitewashed bathrooms are very much out the door, with darker hues now enveloping these spaces. Many homeowners are embracing feature walls in rich shades, complemented by contemporary patterned tiles, which leads us to our next point… 

Tiles: geometric forms (particularly hexagonal formats)

Driven by a love of mid-century design, striking geometric tiling continues to influence some of Australia’s greatest renovations. While simple square tiles will remain a timeless classic when it comes to bathrooms, we’re seeing a major shift towards hexagonal-shaped tiles for a quirky point of interest (almost like a mosaic artwork). Subway tiles and penny tiles are also hugely popular designs. 

Tapware: matte black and brushed/burnished brass, rose gold and copper

Perhaps one of the leading bathroom trends of the year, matte black tapware has certainly solidified itself as a ‘must-have’ style for 21st century bathrooms. Closely following are brass, rose gold and copper fixtures and fittings — but not as you know them. Previously hailed for their shiny surfaces, these materials are now appearing in brushed and burnished finishes for a soft yet warming look. 

Cabinetry: timber floating vanities and vanity shelves, separate shaving cabinets

The indulgence in rich, darker colours and opulent textures is perfectly balanced by the softness of a timber vanity to help reiterate that touch of nature in the bathroom. Furthermore, wall-hung vanities (also known as ‘floating’ vanities) offer a beautiful, clean, minimalist look compared to older and heavier-looking free-standing vanities. In terms of bathroom storage, timber shelves and separate shaving cabinets (complete with hidden power points or an internal USB for charging your devices) are commandeering the market. 

Basins: statement basins in granite, bamboo, sandstone, ceramic and oak

These days, bathroom basins no longer simply blend into the rest of your vanity: instead, they should act as a sculptural focal point. Choose a basin in a contrasting material to your vanity — plain white and black ceramics are a bit of a favourite for monochrome lovers, while more natural surfaces such as smooth sandstone, timber and granite are additional leading choices. 

Bathtubs: freestanding (or back-to-wall for smaller bathrooms)

The old shower-over-bathtub scenario is a bit stale these days. Instead, bathtubs are being celebrated as a standalone piece — another sculptural statement to add to your bathroom. If you can’t afford the space to install a freestanding bathtub, a back-to-wall bath will nicely suffice, offering the same luxurious aesthetic without hogging precious square metres. 

Showers: rain shower heads

With showers now a separate amenity to your bathtub, it’s time to pay attention to your shower head. Homeowners the world over are favouring the increasingly-popular ‘rain showers’ — large, square shower heads that give a soft, cascading waterfall sensation. 

Toilets: back-to-wall and rimless

Last but not least, let’s take a look at those toilets. While not the most glamorous unit in the home, your bathroom toilet is one that still needs to be thoroughly considered. Keep in mind that it should be neat and tidy — a feature that more or less simply fades into the background. For this reason, back-to-wall and rimless toilets are ideal options, offering a minimalist aesthetic. As a bonus, they’re also much easier to clean! 

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